Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After last year's phenomenal "Jagz The Smack" EP, finally something fresh from Glaswegian TropicalHardcoreBlues artist Rustie (here and here and here, too). OK, I'm superlazy so let me quote the Stuff Records press release:

The CafĂ© De Phresh EP sees our man team up with California MCs Buddy Leezle and Cerebral Vortex from 215 The Freshest Kids for a record inspired by the two Ds - Drexciya and Dilla. On Side A Leezle and Vortex let loose all over Rustie's beats, reminding us that hip-hop is about partying, ladies and most of all having a dope sneaker collection. We kept the B-side for the instrumentals: think Drexciya style synth flourishes meets low-end dirty hip-hop swagger – Aquacrunk, as we like to call it. The first 500 records come in a screen printed 80s graffiti inspired sleeve created by Stuffrecords' in-house designer and DJ, Goodhand (creator of the Flying Lotus reset game). Support so far from Mark Pritchard, DJ /Rupture, Phon.O, Modeselektor, Jay Scarlett, Neil Landstrumm, Mary Anne Hobbes and more.

A couple of (very decent quality, 1:30 m) previews of the new platter: A1. Cafe De Phresh A2. Mic Of The Year A3. Just 4 Kicks A4. Patrick Ewing B1. Patrick Ewing (inst.) B2. Just 4 Kicks (inst.) B3. Cafe De Phresh (inst.) and Rustie's intense Gutterish mix of 11/06 from North South Divide. Finally, more writeup and general goodness (including more music to dl) from Lazerus Pit
and DubbedUp

(And the core info came from one-and-only Low B Forum. Big Ups)

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