Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Just found this curious crunkey mashup guy called Gregg Sandwich, or alternately 9R399 54NDW1CH - shit, it's like some excessively complicated postal code for Crocodile Dundee's alcoholic neighbor. Anyway, he's here and it says:

***Gregg Sandwich: one head of the Hydra that is Bad Teeth and long standing C.E.O. of Mash-Ups Division. Pressing the soul out of classics in his jaffle-iron-production-line faster than a George Foreman grill on heat. The Gregg Sandwich portable buffet consistently turns bread and butter house parties into gourmet baguette-fests. Gregg releases are available at any good black market sandwich bar on 12” or 6”. Come and see Gregg slicing and dicing live in Sydney’s dankiest dwellings - you’ll be hungry for more.
BYO cheese.***

There are mixes for your perusal - anything that manages to cram Ace of Bass (Base?!) and Too Short is good in my book. And be sure to check Havefunclub post here, where three sandwich slices are nicely set up and profusely mayonnaised. With a thin slice of Baltimore cheese, obviously.

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