Friday, February 22, 2008


There's no end to chance discoveries. Dama do Bling hails from Mozambique, effectively does her own version of Afro-crunk, even though called her "Mozambique's Lil Kim". Well certain surface similarity could be there but apart from that it's totally different, and at least equally kicking. She also won Channel O Spirit of Africa Music Video Award last October for this song, so it must be popular and all. Crude but informative Wiki on Mozambican music, and fantastic Esta Bater blog where you can download some of the recent heat that's played over there. Apparently, a lot has changed since Ron and Ophera Hollis were filming their ethnomusicological footage in the late 70s.

Dama do Bling feat Doppaz - VIP

Dama do Bling - Quando Me Fazes Assim

Dama do Bling - Boy (Eu Confesso)

Dama do Bling - Dança do Remexe

(all links culled from Esta Bater)

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