Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well I certainly didn't expect such an outburst of greatness. I mean, I obviously like The Freaks, I enjoyed Rekids singles (Claude Von Stroke's remix of "Ghouls" comes up in my head), but Luke Solomon's brand new 13-tracker "The Difference Engine" tops all this, and does something more. It's actually more house punk than deep funk, angular dada edge there all the time. And possibly one of this year's more important releases. I won't upload anything from the new record here, but I did a quick overview of whatever Luke Solomon-wise is out there.
++ An interview with Cosmic Disco: on Bristol as a new Berlin, working with spacedisco behemoth Daniele Baldelli, trippin' on Fripp and the like. It comes with a cosmic sound mix .
++ No less than about 20 mixes for Will take much of your waking time if you're so disposed.

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