Thursday, December 4, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008


God I'm so lazy and disorganized it seems I'll never make it to post all those pieces of greatness that come my way. I wasn't able to miss on this however, and it's another of those pearls of utter fucking brilliance that everyone would have, sooner the better. It's new Santogold vid, directed by Nima Nourizadeh (as far as I can see in the little cubes on her site she did Lady Sov, Yelle, Uffie, Hot Chip and at least two different ones by Lily Allen). Quite a bit of apocalypse and horse riding. Difficult to figure out but admittedly great lil pic. And be sure to get that Xxxchange remix of this, as it's all over the place now.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Yeah, I know. It's going to be spotted anyplace but somehow I wasn't able to help upping this. Raw, pure and totally krazy. Lil' John (no, not this one - spot the spelling difference), Riot and Conductor - that is, Lisbon's own Buraka Som Sistema. Some high-profile VIP appearance as well.


Yikes. This is my favorite painter right now, and for quite some time to be frank. I thought that my enjoyment of painting as - ahem - medium - is already finished but this turns out to be totally false. Guess some of these would make terrific album covers. And now I'm almost sure it's going to happen.

Friday, February 29, 2008


I forgot it's 3rd month of the year already, as I was finishing some reading. I'm also broke and hate my bank account details = nil.
But I was lucky enough to listen to these. You should as well.

Scorcher ft. Terminator, Tempa T, Chronik & Esco - Stay Down The Road
(off Scorcher - Leader of The New School)

DJ Screw, Lil Keke, Lil O, Mike D, Big Pokey, Mr.3-2, C-Note, Big Moe (R.I.P.) - Hell Razor
(off Big Pokey, Lil C - Keep Stacking 3)

Dabrye - Game Over ft. Jay Dee & Phat Kat (Flying Lotus Remix)
(off Dabrye - Get Dirty EP)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well I certainly didn't expect such an outburst of greatness. I mean, I obviously like The Freaks, I enjoyed Rekids singles (Claude Von Stroke's remix of "Ghouls" comes up in my head), but Luke Solomon's brand new 13-tracker "The Difference Engine" tops all this, and does something more. It's actually more house punk than deep funk, angular dada edge there all the time. And possibly one of this year's more important releases. I won't upload anything from the new record here, but I did a quick overview of whatever Luke Solomon-wise is out there.
++ An interview with Cosmic Disco: on Bristol as a new Berlin, working with spacedisco behemoth Daniele Baldelli, trippin' on Fripp and the like. It comes with a cosmic sound mix .
++ No less than about 20 mixes for Will take much of your waking time if you're so disposed.

Friday, February 22, 2008


There's no end to chance discoveries. Dama do Bling hails from Mozambique, effectively does her own version of Afro-crunk, even though called her "Mozambique's Lil Kim". Well certain surface similarity could be there but apart from that it's totally different, and at least equally kicking. She also won Channel O Spirit of Africa Music Video Award last October for this song, so it must be popular and all. Crude but informative Wiki on Mozambican music, and fantastic Esta Bater blog where you can download some of the recent heat that's played over there. Apparently, a lot has changed since Ron and Ophera Hollis were filming their ethnomusicological footage in the late 70s.

Dama do Bling feat Doppaz - VIP

Dama do Bling - Quando Me Fazes Assim

Dama do Bling - Boy (Eu Confesso)

Dama do Bling - Dança do Remexe

(all links culled from Esta Bater)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Electric Zoo pointed me to a couple of great thumping productions by an upcoming Manchester duo HeavyFeet. Among others, they did a remix for The Loose Cannons, appeared in their KISS FM show of late, and will have their releases on many labels: "Potty Mouth Music, Fat! Records, Bad Advice Inc., Fakt Recordings, Junky Trunk Records, Bomb Squad Records, Splank Records, and several more". Remarkable stuff.

Potty Mouth Music Promo Mix February '08


01 Loopity Goofs - Melting - Original Mix - Black Crack
02 Oriental Funk Stew & Oliver Desmet - Took My Love - Original Mix - Guesthouse
03 Sexual Chocolate - Party In My Pants - Original Mix - Junky Trunk
04 Akufen - Deuxieme Tournee - Original Mix - Musique Risquee
05 Consistent - Got To Be - Original Mix - TFE
06 Oliver $ - Rib It - Original Mix - Made To Play
07 Santiago & Bushido - For What - Original Mix - Potty Mouth Music
08 Swag - Everything I Know I Learnt On Acid - Jesse Rose & Oliver $ Remix - Version
09 Nate Manic - It's Never Easy - HeavyFeet's Take It Easy Dub - Bad Advice Inc
10 The Systemite - I Need A $ - Original Mix - CDR
11 Larry Tee - I Love You - The Bulgarian Remix - CDR
12 HiJack - Party People - DJ Fame Remix - Potty Mouth Music
13 Geoff K - Jack It Up - HeavyFeet Remix - Junky Trunk
14 Andy George - Big Dipper - HiJack Remix - Wearhouse
15 Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal - Beeper - 12" Mix - Domino
16 Black Shadow - Thrill Me So High - Rene Van Munster Remix - CDR
17 HeavyFeet with Switch MC - Sick Like That - Original Mix - Potty Mouth Music
18 Mystic Man - Minds - HeavyFeet Remix - Fat!
19 187 Lockdown - Gunman - Twockers Remix - White
20 The Bulgarian - Lovely Bounce - Vukasin Edit - Jack Union
21 Armand Van Helden - Je T'aime - Riva Starr Remix - Southern Fried
22 Rennie Pigrim - Drumma - Zodiac Cartel Remix - CDR
23 Bryan Cox - Where You At? - Original Mix - CDR
24 Sonny J - Enfant Terrible - Riton Re-Rub - EMI
25 Poxymusic feat. Gina Mitchell - War Paint - Speaker Junk Remix - Hussle
26 Crookers - My Penny - Original Mix - Southern Fried
27 Aston Shuffle - For Everyone - Klaus Hill Remix - Hussle
28 Inner City - Good Life - Remix - CDR

Also of note: the interview for iBeats

And the tracks:

The Loose Cannons - What Have You Done For Me Lately?
(HeavyFeet's Get Stupid on the Dancefloor Dub)

Timbaland vs HeavyFeet (with Switch MC) - Give It To Me

HeavyFeet vs Kanye West - Goodlife


Just found this curious crunkey mashup guy called Gregg Sandwich, or alternately 9R399 54NDW1CH - shit, it's like some excessively complicated postal code for Crocodile Dundee's alcoholic neighbor. Anyway, he's here and it says:

***Gregg Sandwich: one head of the Hydra that is Bad Teeth and long standing C.E.O. of Mash-Ups Division. Pressing the soul out of classics in his jaffle-iron-production-line faster than a George Foreman grill on heat. The Gregg Sandwich portable buffet consistently turns bread and butter house parties into gourmet baguette-fests. Gregg releases are available at any good black market sandwich bar on 12” or 6”. Come and see Gregg slicing and dicing live in Sydney’s dankiest dwellings - you’ll be hungry for more.
BYO cheese.***

There are mixes for your perusal - anything that manages to cram Ace of Bass (Base?!) and Too Short is good in my book. And be sure to check Havefunclub post here, where three sandwich slices are nicely set up and profusely mayonnaised. With a thin slice of Baltimore cheese, obviously.


After last year's phenomenal "Jagz The Smack" EP, finally something fresh from Glaswegian TropicalHardcoreBlues artist Rustie (here and here and here, too). OK, I'm superlazy so let me quote the Stuff Records press release:

The Café De Phresh EP sees our man team up with California MCs Buddy Leezle and Cerebral Vortex from 215 The Freshest Kids for a record inspired by the two Ds - Drexciya and Dilla. On Side A Leezle and Vortex let loose all over Rustie's beats, reminding us that hip-hop is about partying, ladies and most of all having a dope sneaker collection. We kept the B-side for the instrumentals: think Drexciya style synth flourishes meets low-end dirty hip-hop swagger – Aquacrunk, as we like to call it. The first 500 records come in a screen printed 80s graffiti inspired sleeve created by Stuffrecords' in-house designer and DJ, Goodhand (creator of the Flying Lotus reset game). Support so far from Mark Pritchard, DJ /Rupture, Phon.O, Modeselektor, Jay Scarlett, Neil Landstrumm, Mary Anne Hobbes and more.

A couple of (very decent quality, 1:30 m) previews of the new platter: A1. Cafe De Phresh A2. Mic Of The Year A3. Just 4 Kicks A4. Patrick Ewing B1. Patrick Ewing (inst.) B2. Just 4 Kicks (inst.) B3. Cafe De Phresh (inst.) and Rustie's intense Gutterish mix of 11/06 from North South Divide. Finally, more writeup and general goodness (including more music to dl) from Lazerus Pit
and DubbedUp

(And the core info came from one-and-only Low B Forum. Big Ups)


This is new ditty from Essex producer Yila and beard freak/beat poet Scroobius Pip, and me likes it instantly. It's just out on 7" from Sunday Best. Besides all, this guy took his name from a poem by inimitable Edward Lear.

The Scroobious Pip went out one day
When the grass was green, and the sky was grey
Then all the beasts in the world came round
When the Scroobious Pip sat down on the ground
The cat and the dog and the kangaroo
The sheep and the cow and the guineapig too--
The wolf he howled, the horse he neighed
The little pig squeaked and the donkey brayed
And when the lion began to roar
There never was heard such a noise before
And every beast he stood on the tip
Of his toes to look a the Scroobious Pip
At last they said to the Fox - "By far,
You're the wisest beast! You know you are!
Go close to Scroobious Pip and say,
Tell us all about yourself we pray-
For as yet we can't make out in the least
If you're Fish or Insect, or Bird or Beast."
The Scroobious Pip looked vaguelyy round
And sang these words with a rumbling sound-
Chippetty Flip; Flippetty Chip;-
My only name is the Scroobious Pip.
-Edward Lear